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If a student fails in a lab exam then what happend? He gets yearlag or not?

How much MAR points we have to be collected to get the certificate? I am a lateral student admitted in 2016.

Find the mean of the variable x assuming following values: 1) 1,2,.......n with frequency as it's values. 2) the first n natural numbers. 3) 1^2,3^2,5^2,....(2n-1)^2. 4)2,4,6,...,2n. 5)2^3,4^3,6^3,.....(2n)^3. 6)1,2,.....n with frequency 1^2,2^2,.....n^2 respectively.

I am not able to access the study resources for 2nd sem.. How to get them?

I was absent in one paper of 7th semester and result shows "i" on that. If i absent In 8th semester one paper.. Then What to do to clear these papers? Is there any supple exam? ... I am very confused.. Pls help me giving the information related to it..