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Is writing a computer program function , permissible instead of algorithm ? because our concerned faculty assured us that we can write function of a computer program instead of alogrithm. And the question asked to write algorithm.Will marks be deducted as in any case??

This is very important and really helpful website that i think,but for my case there are no data found in BCA 3rd sem GUI Programming with .NET it is really essential to me ! Now i can't prepare myself for exam without any information, privious year question paper or any type of study metirial. As you know we are the first batch on this paper so without proper infomation we cant do anything ! Soo This is my humble request to you please provide some study metirial on this perticular srction as soon as possible !

Can one re-trace the exam paper if they have filled the wrong OMR?

What is the pass marks of makaut in theory paper.I got confused because someone saying 25 someone saying total 40 in 100.

Suppose there are 5 set of questions and we have to attempt any 3 .If a student attempts 4 set of questions,will the best 3 ( the question set with least marks will be excluded) question set be chosen? please answer me as I am a first year student and I am writing my first semester examination.