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Why has the question paper database still not updated . Its more than 6 years since it was last updated . Questions of last 5 years is mostly followed and i have not got a single question paper from 2012 . please update the question paper database ASAP.

on 2020-01-10 21:23:50   by SWAPNIL   on BCA  0 answers

there are not anything important in study notes. this is very bad website. what are doing by the designer and informers? nothing special in here. please do good things otherwise leave the platform.

Design the rc slb culvert for class AA/70 r loading as per provisions of latest IRC-6. given data : Width of bridge 10.5m No footpath provoided Condition for exposure- Moderate Materials-concrete grade M-25 Steel-Deformed bars to IS : 1786(grade S-415) Clear span 5m Height of vent-3m Depth of foundation - 1.35 Wearing course - 75 mm thick asphaltic concrete.

a three storied building frame has three equal bays of 5m each and height between floors is 4 m. the wind load acting at roof level and various floor levels are h1=6kn,h2=12kn and h3=12kn.the columns have same cross section. estimate the moments in columns and beams using cantilever method.

I need to certify my degree certificate from university.Need some contact to whom I need to talk as the document already submitted at University.Matter is urgent.