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Write down the crieria for aromaticity.

From one dimensional poisson's equation for electric field E. Obtain th expression for E in the region of schottky diode?

The following specifications are given for the dual input, balanced-output differential amplifier of Fig. 1(b): R_{c} = 2.2k*Omega R_{E} = 4.7k*Omega R S1 =R S2 = 50Omega ,+V CC =10V,-V EE = 10V. beta dc =100 and V theta*E =0.715V. Determine the operating points of the two transistors

For which condition metal-semiconductor junction behaves as i)ohmic contact ii) rectifying contact With E-k diagram, explain why LED emits light but PN junction rectifier diode doesn't

Distinguish between primitive and non-primitive recursion.