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A car servicing station has 3 stalls where servicing can be offered simultaneously. The cars wait in such a way that when a stall becomes vacant, the car at the head of the line pulls up to it. The station can accommodate at most four cars waiting (seven in station) at one time. The arrival patterns are Poisson with a mean of one car per minute during the peak hours. The service time is exponential with mean 6 minutes. Find the average number of cars in the service station during peak hours, the average waiting time and the average number of cars per hour that cannot enter the station because of full capacity

I registered for Core java & Android App development course through a one of my friend's referral link & with his code just for getting discount. After payment it shows your payment successful as a guest. will it create any problem ?

Sir, i am a 3rd year student of mechanical engineering and i have clear wbjee in the year 2018. So am i eligible for wbfs of 2020.

In an E.O.T. crane, number of falls of the rope is 8. The pay load is 80-ton, weight of the bottom block is 3% of the pay load. Frictional loss per fall is 2.5%. Taking a factor of safety of 6, calculate the design load per fall of the rope.

Why there is no study material provided in machanical engineering in 3rd sem?