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My WBJECA 2019 rank is 125 ( General) and OBC-B rank is 16. But, at class 10 , my score in mathematics was 54. So, can I get admission at Jadavpur University for MCA through OBC seat???

on 2019-08-12 20:28:02   by Anirban   on MCA  0 answers

Is MAR points required for MCA.

How to calculate Total Marks & Obtained Marks for MCA from WBUT including all Semesters (1st-6th) ?

What is the highest NF of each of the following relation ? i)R1(A,B,C) with FDs are A→B,A→C,C→B. ii)R2(A,B,C,D) with FDs are A→BC,CD→B.

on 2019-04-23 06:59:26   by Shuvam   on MCA  0 answers

Please Reply as soon as possible.. Hi.. I have passed out MCA on 2010 from AOT hooghly,WBUT. I have not collected my degree certificate. I have all my semester's Marksheet.So I think I have to collect it from WBUT. Right?? I am currently living in dubai. right now I need that for PR visa. kindly let me know the procedure for collect it.What documents I need? how many days it will take to get that?? Thanks...