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A security pays a dividend of Rs. 3·85 and sells currently at Rs. 83. The security is expected to sell at Rs. 90 at the end of the year. The security has a beta of 1·15. The risk-free interest rate is 5 % and the expected return on market index is 12 %. Assess whether the security is correctly priced.

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Basic difference between vector and array processor is a) pipelining b) interconnection network C) register d) none of these

where are the study resources on VLSI Design Automation (PE_EC-802C),the subject of the (B.Tech 8 th sem, ECE) new syllabus under MAKAUT under AICTE UG Courses? Please do your needful soon.

BIG data Analytics OEC CS 801A Best books as per MAKAUT syllabus?

Find Laplacian of (1/r)