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Design an asynchronous 3-bit up-down counter using J-k flip-flop which counts up when external signal M=1 and counts down when M=0

Write down the expression for the intensity of light due to Fraunhofer diffraction in a transmission grating and hence find the condition for secondary minima in the interference pattern.

Show that the total energy of an oscillator exhibiting simple harmonic motion is constant. Show that in an LC circuit charge q undergoes an Simple harmonic oscillation with time.

The following specifications are given for the dual input, balanced-output differential amplifier of Fig. 1(b): R_{c} = 2.2k*Omega R_{E} = 4.7k*Omega R S1 =R S2 = 50Omega ,+V CC =10V,-V EE = 10V. beta dc =100 and V theta*E =0.715V. Determine the operating points of the two transistors