Winter Training 2023-24

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Basic Robotics with Analog & Digital Circuits

Course Duration: 24 - 27 hrs
Suitable For: B.Tech. / Diploma (EE / ECE / EEE / EIE) All Year Students
Course Objective: This course introduces the student to basic concepts of Analog and Digital Circuits. Also at the end of Training, students make a manual remote controlled robot.
Prerequisite: No experience is required.
Course Fee [Classroom Training]: Rs. 4,250/- (including Taxes)
Feature: Free Take Away Robotics and Electronics Kit to each Participant
Course Content:

  • Module 1
    • Introduction to Analog Electronics
    • Familiarization with the various Electronic Tools
    • Practical 1: Learning to use a Breadboard
    • Practical 2: Making a basic circuit with LED

  • Module 2
    • Introduction to Power Supply
    • Designing a Fixed Power Supply
    • Designing an Adjustable Power Supply for your electronic applications
    • Practical 3: Designing a Power Supply on a breadboard

  • Module 3
    • Introduction to Soldering
    • Hands on Solder Sessions
    • Using a Veroboard
    • Practical 4: Building your own power supply on a Veroboard

  • Module 4
    • Analog Sensor Design
    • Practical Sessions on designing light based sensors
    • Digital Sensor Design Concepts
    • Converting Analog Sensors to Digital using Comparators

  • Module 5
    • Introduction to Transistors
    • Practical Session using Transistors

  • Module 6
    • Introduction to Manual Robotics
    • Explanation of the Robot Dynamics
    • Building a Basic Remote Controlled Robot

Take Away KIT Content:

  • Electronic Kit : Breadboard, Wires, Passive Components, Veroboards, ICs
  • Soldering Kit : Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, Flux, Sponge
  • Robot Chassis
  • BO Motors
  • BO Wheels
  • Castor Wheel
  • DPDT Switches
  • Remote Box
  • Remote Wire
  • Batteries
  • Battery Cap
  • Component Box
Multimeters, Adhesive tape, Cutters and all other tools will also be provided during the training which are not a part of the take-away kit.
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