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BLITZKRIEG (Online Aptitude Test Contest)

Aptitude Test has become the main hurdle to get a job anywhere. So you should prepare for this from your First Year. And for third and fourth year students we don't have to tell the importance of Aptitude Test.

Also this Contest becomes more important as lot of Prizes and Oppurtunities are associated with it.

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Event Details

  • The Test will consists of only Multiple Choice Type Questions (with only one correct answer).
  • Number of Questions - 35, Time for the Test - 30 Minutes, Total Marks - 35
  • 1 Mark will be deducted for each Wrong Answer .
  • Syllabus of the Test consists of four types of Questions - Quantitative, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, Data Interpretation.
  • In case of tie, Toppers will be decided on Time Spent to take the Test.
  • Participant can take the Test only once between 25th September, 2019 to 2nd October, 2019.
  • To prevent cheating, we will analyze answering pattern, IP address of all the Participants.

Test Availability

BLITZKRIEG Test will be available in between 25th September, 2019 (10.00 AM) to 2nd October, 2019 (11.30 PM).

  • Participant will be able to access the Test anytime within Test Availability period. A Participant can take the Test only once.
  • In case of any problem occurred during the Test, please mail the details along with your EXORSA v7.0 Registration ID to 'admin@mywbut.com' so that we can arrange re-Test.

Prizes (*Updated)

  • 1st Rank - Rs. 5000
  • 2nd Rank - Rs. 3000
  • 3rd Rank - Rs. 2000
  • 4th Rank - Rs. 1000
  • 5th Rank - Rs. 750
  • 6th Rank - Rs. 600
  • 7th Rank - Rs. 500
  • 8th Rank - Rs. 400
  • 9th Rank - Rs. 300
  • 10th Rank - Rs. 250
  • 11th to 20th Rank - Rs. 200
  • 21st to 50th Rank - Rs. 150
  • 51st Rank to 100th Rank - Rs. 100
  • West Bengal Rank will be provided to each Participant who will have Positive Score.
  • Top 500 students will be eligilble for 20% Discount in Winter Training 2019-20 Courses.