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I forgot to mention the date of examination in the answers sheet. That box was left empty by me by mistake and i realised after submission of my paper. Will my paper be cancelled?

100 kW for 9 hours, 125 kW for 6 hours, 50 kW for 7 hours, 5 kW for 2 hours. The tariff rate is Rs. 800 per kW of maximum demand per year plus Rs. 2.50 per kWh. Determine the energy consumption per year (365 days) and yearly bill.

Where are the notes for compiler design?? How will we study???

on 2018-12-13 20:33:02   by sourav   on MCA  0 answers

Why isn't here any paper notes for production engineering in m-tech

Is engineering economics so importan for us with such a huge syllabus.?this really very disturbing subject for us?every engineers need a CA so why are we studying this with such a huge syllabus?