Summer Training 2018

Quality Training with Project at Reasonable Price

Robotics (Autonomous Robotics) with Embedded Systems

Course Duration: 30 - 32 hrs
Suitable For: 1st Yr / 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr B.Tech. / Diploma / MCA / BCA students
Course Objective: Learn how to use an Arduino and its various input/output accessories through practical exercise sessions. Also learn how to use the knowledge gained in the class to build a line follower robot out of it. At the end of the training, you would be capable enough to use other input/output accessories (not used in the training) as well to build further projects on your own.
Prerequisite: Fundamental knowledge of any programming language is mandatory.
Course Fee: Rs. 5,450/- (including Taxes)
Feature: Free Take Away Robotics Kit to each Participant
Number of Seats Left: 0
Training Schedule [Batch #1]
Training Schedule [Batch #2]
Course Content:

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to Arduino
    • Drivers & Software Installation
    • Getting used to Arduino IDE
  • Anatomy of Arduino
    • Detailed Pin Mapping and Auxiliaries
    • Bootloaders and Bootloading process
  • How to Program in Arduino ?
  • LED Interfacing with Arduino - Theory
    • Practical: Blinking LEDs in a given pattern
  • Basic Electronic Concepts of Embedded Designing
  • Pulse Width Modulation - Theory
    • Practical: Controlling brightness of a LED.
  • Seven Segment Displays - Theory
    • Practical: Displaying Digits on Seven Segment Displays
  • LCD Interfacing with Arduino - Theory
    • Practical: Displaying Text on LCD
    • Practical: Scrolling Text on LCD
  • Digital Input Processing - Theory
    • Practical: Detecting Switch Inputs on Arduino Pins
    • Practical: Controlling LEDs with Single Key Button
  • Interfacing a Buzzer with Arduino - Theory
    • Practical: Generating Tones using Buzzer
  • Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensors - Theory
    • Practical: Distance/Speed approximation using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Serial Communication in Arduino - Theory
    • Practical: Controlling LEDs from the PC.
    • Practical: Printing text on the LCD from PC
  • Introduction to ADC and Serial Monitoring - Theory
    • Practical: Interfacing a simple Potentiometer.
  • Interfacing IR Sensors(Analog) - Theory
    • Practical: Designing and fabricating an IR sensor.
    • Practical: Detecting obstacles and surface colour difference using above.
  • Interfacing LDR Sensors(Analog) - Theory
    • Practical: Designing and fabricating an LDR sensor.
    • Practical: Detecting Colour and Light Intensity with LDR Sensors.
  • Interfacing Temperature Sensor - Theory
    • Practical: Calibrating Sensor value with Temperatur Range.
  • Handling Heavy Power with Arduino - Theory
  • Brief Discussion on Transistors and MOSFETs
  • Interfacing a DC Motor with Arduino - Theory
  • Motor Driver & Its Need - Theory
    • Practical: Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
  • Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
  • Line Follower Robot : Theory
    • Practical: Making a Line Follower Robot
  • Pit Follower Robot : Theory
    • Light Follower/Avoider Robot : Theory
  • Project Discussion and Building

Take Away KIT Content:
  • Barebone (Arduino Uno Compatible)
  • F-F Jumper Wires
  • Motor Driver
  • LEDs
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • 16x2 Backlit LCD
  • 7-segment display
  • Potentiometer
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Color Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Relays
  • Robot Chassis
  • BO motors
  • BO Wheels
  • Castor Wheel
  • Batteries
Multimeters, Adhesive tape, Cutters and all other tools will also be provided during the training which are not a part of the take-away kit.