Summer Training 2023

Hands-on Training with Project at Reasonable Price

AutoCAD (2D & 3D)

Course Duration: 35 - 38 hrs
Suitable For: CIVIL / ME (All Year) students
Course Objective: Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD® design and documentation software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD tools.
Prerequisite: No experience is required.
Feature: "AUTODESK Design Academy" Certification to each Participant
Course Fee [Classroom Training]: Rs. 2,750/- (including Taxes)
Course Content:

  • AutoCAD - 2D (Level - I)
    • Introduction, Aim & Objective to AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Drafting Tools
    • Drawing Viewing and Plotting
    • Basic CAD Drawing Methods
    • Working with Prototype Drawings
    • Coordinate System Basics
    • Unit, Scale & Precision
    • Layers Management and Line Parameters
    • Entity Points, Object Snaps & Point Filters
    • Designing Preliminary Structures
    • Annotating a Drawing with Hatching
    • Methods for Creating a Selection Set
    • Object Selection Filters
    • Move, Copy, and Offset Objects
    • Rotate, Mirror, Scale, and Stretch for Objects Generation
    • Properties Matching of Curves
    • Editing Object-Edges and Object-Corners
    • Creating Arrays of Objects (ARRAY)
    • Editing with Grips

  • AutoCAD- 2D (Level - II)
    • Advanced Drawing Techniques
    • Assembly Drawing Generation
    • Dimensioning a Drawing
    • Annotating a Drawing with Text
    • Modifying Object Parameters
    • Using Symbols and Attributes
    • Adding Information to a Block with Attributes
    • Preparation of Bill Of Materials (BOM)

  • AutoCAD - 3D
    • 3D Coordinate Systems
    • Drawing with Multiple UCSs
    • Complex Surfaces Creation
    • Edge Defined Surface Patches
    • Solid Modeling & its Types
    • Wireframe Models
    • Surface Models
    • Solid Models
    • Solid Models from 2D Geometry
    • Extruding 2D Shapes
    • Creating Solid Models with Solidb Primitives
    • Revolved Solids from 2D Geometry
    • Controlling the Appearance of Solids
    • Composite Solid Models
    • Working With Solid Models
    • Advanced Solid Editing
    • Advanced 3D drawing
    • Plotting 3D Models
    • Working with the Viewports
    • Floating Viewports
    • Creating 2D Views from a Solid Model
    • Creating Profiles from Solids
    • Drafting and 2D View Generation