Online Technical Fest of MYWBUT

WWWIZARD (Website Design Contest)

Do you have a creative mind ??

If yes, then turn your creativity into alluring web pages. Designing website having both artistic user interface and functionality is a real challenge. If you are good enough at Web Designing and ready to take the challenge then this event is for you.

WWWIZARD (Website Design Contest)

Event Details

  • Students are required to participate individually.
  • Participants will have to design website/web pages according to the problem given.
  • Participants can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash to make web pages. No need to use server side languages as the contest is to design a static website template.
  • Participants should not use any CMS / Web Template. However you can use Bootstrap Framework.

Top 11 Designs

Problem Statements

  • Problem 1: Design a Website for Brand Promotion Company
  • Problem 2: Design a Website for College Technical Fest
  • Problem 3: Design a Website for e-Learning Company

Evaluation Criteria

  • Creativity, Design, Layout, Functionality of website/web pages.
  • Efficiency and accuracy of code.


  • Participants are required to submit their work between 4th October, 2018 (10:00 AM) - 8th October, 2018 (11:55 PM)..
  • Participants can send their design for only one Problem.
  • Participants need to zip the files and upload in .zip or .rar format.
  • File Size of particular file should not exceed 5 MB. So if you need to upload files more than 5 MB then zip your files in two zipped files and name these files - project-part1.zip and project-part2.zip.


  • 1st Rank - Rs. 1,000/-
  • 2nd Rank - Rs. 750/-
  • 3rd Rank - Rs. 500/-
  • 4th Rank - Rs. 300/-
  • 5th Rank - Rs. 200/-
  • 6th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 7th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 8th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 9th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 10th Rank - Rs. 100/-