Online Technical Fest of MYWBUT

BRAINSTORM - Project Idea Contest

BRAINSTORM is an online Project (Idea) Submission Contest, where Participants from all Streams can submit Project Ideas with Abstract.

It's a group event where maximum of 5 students can make a Group/Team.
BRAINSTORM - Project Idea Contest

Top 10 Project Ideas

Event Details

Participants are required to submit Project Ideas with Abstract in the prescribed format which should answer the following questions and issues or include -
  1. What is unique about this project?
  2. What type of Problem Solved by your Project?
  3. Implementation and Engineering Considerations: Specifications: functional, timing, electrical, and environmental (temperature) etc.
  4. Block Diagram, Logic / Circuit Diagrams, and Algorithms.
  5. Project Idea Submitted by.

Evaluation Criteria

A panel of experts from industry and academia will judge the submissions. The following list provides some of the criteria that will be applied in the selection of best projects:

  • Innovative concept / implementation
  • Practical application
  • Description of the design process
  • Design and implementation


  • Participants can submit their Project Ideas between 4th October, 2018 (10:00 AM) - 8th October, 2018 (11:55 PM).
  • Projects can be submitted in .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .pdf format only. In case you wish to upload more than one file at one time then zip the documents and upload in .zip or .rar format.
  • File Size of particular file should not exceed 5 MB.
  • If more than one participant (of the same college or different colleges) want to submit the same Project Idea, any one of them can submit the Project. But they need to fill Online Registration IDs of other Participants during Upload and require to mention details of all the Participants in the Abstract.
  • A Project can comprise of maximum FIVE participants only. All participants must be registered for EXORSA v6.0.
  • One Group/Team can upload only one Project.
  • Projects copied from Internet will be discarded.


  • 1st Rank - Rs. 1,000/-
  • 2nd Rank - Rs. 750/-
  • 3rd Rank - Rs. 500/-
  • 4th Rank - Rs. 300/-
  • 5th Rank - Rs. 200/-
  • 6th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 7th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 8th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 9th Rank - Rs. 100/-
  • 10th Rank - Rs. 100/-