TELOS 2021

Annual Online TechFest of MYWBUT

#SELFIE (Facebook Selfie Contest)

Are you a selfie freak? Addicted to take selfies? Then, what are you waiting for? Just take a selfie with your favourite one(s) and win lots of prizes!!

#SELFIE - Online Selfie Contest

Event Details

Participants are required to submit a SELFIE with their SPECIAL person (may be one person or more than one) and need to write WHO and WHY is that person or people is/are special to him/her?

Top 5 Winners List


  • A participant can submit only one SELFIE .
  • The SELFIE has to be taken with their FAVOURITE person (may be one person or more than one). The participant also has to be in the selfie taken.
  • The participant has to write WHO and WHY is that person(s) is(are) special to him/her in maximum 250 words.
  • MYWBUT will upload the submitted SELFIE in TELOS 2021 Facebook Page ( in #SELFIE Contest Album) with Participants TELOS 2021 Registration ID.
  • Selfie submitted within 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM will be uploaded within 1 - 2 hours.
  • Participants need to share their SELFIE and get maximum LIKES.
  • Winners will be decided on number of Facebook Likes and the write-up (WHO and WHY is that person(s) special to him/her).
  • Final Likes will be counted on 7th JUNE, 2021 at 11.00 PM.
  • In case someone uses Autoliker softwares to increase Number of Likes then he / she will be disqualified from this particular Event. In this case, desicion of Mywbut will be final.


  • Participants are required to submit GROUP SELFIE in between 4th JUNE, 2021 (10.00 AM) to 7th JUNE, 2021 (8.00 PM).
  • A Participant can submit only one SELFIE.


  • 1st Rank - Rs. 500
  • 2nd Rank - Rs. 300
  • 3rd Rank - Rs. 200
  • 4th Rank - Rs. 100
  • 5th Rank - Rs. 100
  • 6th Rank - Rs. 50
  • 7th Rank - Rs. 50
  • 8th Rank - Rs. 50
  • 9th Rank - Rs. 50
  • 10th Rank - Rs. 50