TELOS 2020

Annual Online TechFest of MYWBUT

Result | TECH-FUNDA (Project Submission Contest)

Rank Prize Money Project Title TELOS Reg ID
1st Rs. 1000 Automatic Waste Processor TLS000017
2nd Rs. 750 Futuristic Medical Care System TLS005021
3rd Rs. 500 EduFix TLS008007, TLS008007
4th Rs. 300 TreeSpot TLS009005
5th Rs. 200 WeHelpGreen TLS006009
6th Rs. 100 Gasoline Storage Tank Leak Detection TLS016008
7th Rs. 100 Innovative Drinking Water Technology TLS136003
8th Rs. 100 Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit - The Source of Renewable Energy TLS015001
9th Rs. 100 CoBUDDY TLS015022, TLS015021, TLS015023, TLS015020
10th Rs. 100 Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair TLS076001