TELOS 2019

Annual Online TechFest of MYWBUT

Mr & Miss FRESHERS | Couples Event!

This event is restricted only to couples (boyfriend and girlfriend), both of them should be studying in 1st Year of any Course.

It's only around 6 months, since you have joined your College. But it takes only one moment to love each other. So if you are in love with your yearmate then this event is for you !


 Top 10 Couples List

Event Details

Couples have to answer few questions related to their love story. Also they need to upload their best picture together.


  • Both boyfriend and girlfriend are required to be registered for TELOS 2019.
  • Both Participants should be studying in 1st Year of any Course.
  • Couples can be from different Colleges.
  • Both Answers and Picture of Couple will be considered to declare winner.
  • Both boyfriend and girlfriend need to answer the questions, but only once. There is no need to answer the questions two times.


  • Questions will be available on 15th March, 2019 (10:00 AM).
  • Participants are required to submit their answers and Picture by 19th March, 2019 (11:59 PM).
  • Picture should be in .jpg or .jpeg format and face of couple should be clearly visible.
  • Picture should not be older than one month.
  • Your Names, Answers & Pictures will not be shared with anyone else, even during publication of result.


  • 1st Rank - Rs. 1000/-
  • 2nd Rank - Rs. 750/-
  • 3rd Rank - Rs. 500/-
  • 4th Rank - Rs. 300/-
  • 5th Rank - Rs. 200/-
  • 6th - 10th Rank - Rs. 100/-