TELOS 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TELOS 2017?
TELOS 2017 is the annual ONLINE Technical Fest of MYWBUT.COM, the leading educational portal for students of West Bengal.
What do you mean by ONLINE Technical Fest?
All the Events under TELOS 2017 are designed in a way that students can participate in these events from anywhere. They just require Intenet to participate in all the events.
Where to participate Online?
To participate in all the events under TELOS 2017, you need to visit following URL -
How much is the Registration Fee for TELOS 2017?
To participate in all the Events of TELOS 2017 Rs. 200/- (Rs. 205/- if paid Online)
Till 28th February, 2017 6th March, 2017 Rs. 150/- (Rs. 155/- if paid Online)

How to register for TELOS 2017?
For Online Registration (through Debit Card / Net Banking), visit - Registration Page. For Offline Registration, you need to contact MYWBUT College Representative or visit MYWBUT Office.
I have Paid Online, but still not received TELOS 2017 Reg ID.
After Online payment, you should wait up to 24 hours. TELOS 2017 Reg ID will be mailed to the email ID provided by you during registration. In case you did not received after 24 hours, please mail to '' along with your Order Number (in the format TS17***).
I have paid Registration Fee to MYWBUT College Representative, but not received any confirmation mail from MYWBUT.
After payment of Registration Fee, MYWBUT Campus Representative must have provided you the TELOS 2017 Reg ID. In case you did not received any mail from MYWBUT, do not worry as to participate in Events under TELOS 2017, you require the Registration ID provided by MYWBUT Campus Representative.
Will everyone receive Participation Certificate?
Yes, all the participants of TELOS 2017 will receive hard copy of Participation Certificate.
How I will receive my Certificate(s) and Prizes (if any)?
Generally we deliver Certificates and Prizes to MYWBUT College Representative of your college so that he can deliver it to you. Or you can visit MYWBUT Office to collect your Certificates / Prizes.
How can I get the Contact details of MYWBUT Campus Representatives?
Either mail MYWBUT at '' with your Contact No and College Name or call MYWBUT at +91-7029611608 / +91-9038073878 to get the Contact details of MYWBUT Campus Representative.
There is no MYWBUT Campus Representative in my College. Can I apply to become MYWBUT Campus Representative?
Yes, you are welcome to submit the application for MYWBUT Campus Representative. Apply Here