Workshop on Introduction to ARDUINO

One Day Workshop on World's First Open Source Embedded Platform: ARDUINO

Tech Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd (Workshop & Training subsidiary part of MYWBUT.COM) presents Workshops on Introduction to ARDUINO with its Technical Partner Skubotics.

Workshop Details
  Course Content Kit Content Targeting Streams (Year) No of Days (Hours) Registration Fee
ARDU - GYAAN : Workshop on Introduction to ARDUINO
  • Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers
  • Basic Anatomy of Arduino
  • Getting Used to the Arduino IDE
  • Basics of Electronics
  • Programming with Arduino
  • Blinking LEDs on Breadboard in a pattern
  • PWM Control and Controlling brightness of the LEDs
  • Detecting SwitchPress with a tactical switch
  • Basic Light Sensor Designing with an LDR
  • Basic Colour Sensor Designing with IR pair
  • Introduction to Serial Monitoring
  • Introduction to ADC and Reading Potentiometer Values
  • Building an Embedded Application
  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Passive Electronics Components
  • Colour Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Connecting Wires
ALL STREAMS (1st Yr / 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr)
1 Day (6 Hours)

Rs. 450/- for Individual Student, without KIT *

Rs. 2500/- for a Group of 4 students, including Free KIT

* Individual Students will be provided KIT for practice during Workshop.

Date : March 6, 2016 (SUNDAY)

Time : 10.30 AM - 5 PM

Venue : IBS Kolkata (ICFAI Business School), WDC Building, J3, Block - GP, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091 [Beside OPIUM Bar]

Limited Seats !

Participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants.

In case of any query, Call MYWBUT at +91-7029611608 / +91-9038073878.

Registration Closed !!