TELOS 2021

Annual Online TechFest of MYWBUT

Result | KREATIONZ - Painting

Rank Prize Money Theme TELOS Registration ID
1st Rs. 1000 Still Life TLS136001
2nd Rs. 750 Cityscape TLS067005
3rd Rs. 500 Heitage India TLS044003
4th Rs. 300 Song of the river TLS000039
5th Rs. 200 Still Life TLS136005
6th Rs. 100 Still Life TLS021003
7th Rs. 100 Cityscape TLS073002
8th Rs. 100 Cityscape TLS143001
9th Rs. 100 Heritage India TLS060002
10th Rs. 100 Cityscape TLS015009
11th Rs. 50 Heritage India TLS036012
11th Rs. 50 Cityscape TLS020001
11th Rs. 50 Cityscape TLS036025
12th Rs. 50 Song of the river TLS036024
12th Rs. 50 Song of the river TLS016003
13th Rs. 50 Heritage India TLS038002
13th Rs. 50 Song of the river TLS001014
14th Rs. 50 Heritage India TLS045002