TELOS 2019

Annual Online TechFest of MYWBUT

Result | KREATIONZ - Painting

Rank Prize Money TELOS Reg ID Participant's Name College Stream Year
1st Rs. 750 TLS010005 Deep Das Netaji Subhash Engineering College EE 3rd
2nd Rs. 500 TLS035001 Tanvi Choudhury Bengal Institute of Management & Technology ECE 2nd
3rd Rs. 400 TLS055020 Medha Rudra Heritage Institute of Technology CSE 3rd
4th Rs. 300 TLS009005 Sayan sarkar Asansol Engineering College   2nd
5th Rs. 200 TLS027002 Kaustav Pal Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology CE 2nd
6th Rs. 100 TLS015013 Atrayee Sinha B P Poddar Institute of Management & Technology ECE 1st
7th Rs. 100 TLS009008 Tiasha Mann Asansol Engineering College ME 2nd
8th Rs. 100 TLS006015 Sansaptak De Institute of Engineering & Management ME 3rd
9th Rs. 100 TLS016008 Madhurima Pal MCKV Institute of Engineering ECE 2nd
10th Rs. 100 TLS006018 Esha Das Siliguri Institute of Technology IT 1st
11th Rs. 50 TLS019005 Sayan Dutta Institute of Engineering & Management BCA 1st
12th Rs. 50 TLS055007 Arkadeb Ghosh Heritage Institute of Technology CSE 4th
13th Rs. 50 TLS005013 Shubham kumar Haldia Institute of Technology CSE 1st
14th Rs. 50 TLS052005 Kaustav Sen Techno Engineering College Banipur CSE 3rd
15th Rs. 50 TLS024002 Nikhil Singh Bengal College of Engineering & Technology, Durgapur CSE 2nd
15th Rs. 50 TLS010007 Ashutosh Krishna Netaji Subhash Engineering College IT 1st