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6 months ago, by MD Kiron Karim

What are soft skills? Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencing industries, this is now an essential ‘skill’ to win a job

Elon Musk once stated ‘Humans are undervalued’. Well, he is not wrong at all; people are evaluating and changing themselves entirely to stay applicable at work. Why? This is AI which is posing a great threat to humans in the work-space. 

A report namely ‘Workforce of the future’ realized that 86% of human soft skills will remain always in demand. What exactly are Soft skills? Oxford describes it as Personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people;  LinkedIn defines it as less tangible and harder to quantify, such as etiquette, getting along with others, listening and engaging in small talk.


Automation and AI can do our job with high efficiency, as well as consuming less time. Hence, it is attracting the industries, companies and jobs. It seems, very soon the work-space for human might become acute and critical. Who will save us from this danger? Who is our Messiah? SOFTSKILLS – the one thing that machines can’t acquire or replace – are becoming absolutely crucial and lifesaving.


It is quite a fact now, that people who are able to communicate and put forward their projection win an offer before anybody else. Candidly asking: Who would you hire if you’re an HR of an MNC ; a candidate with required technical certifications but is clumsy with stakeholders from different society OR someone less qualified but hold way better soft skills? You decide. Even immensely qualified officials and great alumnae confirmed ‘There are many IITian who don’t achieve the same heights as those who score lower ranks or graduate from other engineering institutes only because they lack soft skills’.

The realization of increasing vitality of soft skills has led to a flood of courses on acquiring such attributes and emotional intelligence which falls under soft skills. Enroll in one such course, and take a step forward in your much awaited bright future.



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