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My Experience at MYWBUT Winter Training 2018
7 months ago, by Arishmita Mukherjee

It was a nervous moment when I stepped into the rather intimidating Unitedworld School Building, apprehensive of whether the training would yield any results. Sure, I had seen my own college seniors on youtube sharing how much they liked the program, I was here because a senior I trusted recommended me it, but would it actually work? Would my doubts be taken care of? Or would it be a rush and anyhow finished job? 

Such were the questions when I kept my bag down in the classroom. There was Bijurika Ma'am, taking the names and collecting the remaining money, and distributing the stuffs, ID cards, notepads, and pens. A beautiful classroom impressed me.

But I didn't have a laptop to help me in my Python Training, what could I do to help myself? 

Surprisingly, the staff asked us about laptops and whether we had them. Many of us did not, so our names were taken in. 

I was already beginning to like the ambience. The batch was a comfortable size for me, too. Then came in Nitish Sir. He asked us why we were doing the program. Was it for credit points? Knowledge? His friendliness definitely made the students at complete ease. After some small talk, the classes started. 

Let's just say, Python became fun for me. I had Commercial Applications from class 7 to class 10,and biology till class 12 after that, I had never been deep into computer science. But the training was smooth enough for me, an amateur. The various small projects and the ultimate project helped me throughout the understanding journey as well. I had actually started looking forward to going to classes, much less fear. Along with python, Nitish sir's real life advices thrown in here and there was a wholesome course. And the laptops, diligently supplied by the staff, alongwith bags and chargers, for the course, took away the remaining doubt that I had. Interns came in and assisted Nitish Sir when he needed them, as well. It was mostly to solve the debugging problems the students were facing. 

Seeing the organisation work like that,made me wonder why my friends would miss out on this. So I applied to become the Campus Representative. MYWBUT is definitely an organisation that will impress you to no end. I'm glad I'm a part of it now. 


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