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Job Mantra: K. S. A.
9 months ago, by MD Kiron Karim

Level up for the Job

To bag a job you want three qualities are necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. Let us see how these matter in an interview.


Interview do not evaluate knowledge in marks. Scoring 99% in an exam is irrelevant in an interview if you cannot answer question on the subject.

The knowledge about the firm you have applied to also significantly matters in interviews. Do you know its real motto? its turnover? its past and present challenges? An interview panel can question you on these.

For example, the chairman of the interview panel can ask where you see the company in the next five years. You will be able to tackle this if you know the answers to the questions of previous para. You need not to be a genius, just be prepared for possible ways in which the panel could test your knowledge.


The second trait that panel looks for is the skills to do the job well. Knowledge is essential; skills are desirable. An engineer who is knowledgeable, creative and possesses team skills is more likely to get selected. If you wish to get a job, then master the skills.


It is the crucial quality needed in bagging a job. Knowledge and skills are external and can be acquired through courses. Attitude is a personality attribute. Do you seem alert? Proactive? Responsible? Committed? Positive? Remember Raju Rastogi in "3 Idiots" who got the job despite low grades because of character and honesty.

If knowledge and skills are the most important content-based traits in an interviewee, our attitude is what finally gets us the job. Your attitude, maturity, flexibility, and ability to blend into the organisational culture will be quickly picked up by the interview panel. So be genuine, work on K. S. A. and get the job.



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